Pavilion in the Woods
simple roof structure. Image © ZY Architectural Photography


TJAD Original Design Studio

Installations & Structures

Ming Zhang, Zi Zhang, Shu Qin

Rui Wang

Shenzhen, China

Water Resources Bureau Of Shen Zhen Municipality


100 m²

Zhun Zhang, Rui Wang, Jinhua Wang

CR Land Group. Ltd.

Zhe Shao, Jiabin Sun, Xinyu Ma, Menglai Li

Qingyuan Yang, Xuefeng Li, Ruxuan Zheng

Pavilion In The Woods is a part of the Maozhou River Greenlane project, located on the north bank of the river in Baoan District, Shenzhen. The pavilion is sited in the open landscape on its East and West, Yangyong Road on its North, and the Maozhou River on the South.

Pavilion in the Woods
corridor. Image © ZY Architectural Photography
Pavilion in the Woods
surrounding environment. Image © ZY Architectural Photography

Urban Relations. Pavilion In The Woods is a small-scale public pavilion, part of the experimental phase of the Greenlane Project. It is to provide a range of public facilities such as public green space, café, resting place, public bathroom, baby changing room, and scenic gallery.

Adopting the forest hut as a prototype, the design of the structure integrated a series of functions together with the site’s landscape, introduced a visual corridor, and constructed a scenic platform.

Pavilion in the Woods
aerial view. Image © ZY Architectural Photography
Pavilion in the Woods
module construction units. Image © ZY Architectural Photography

The space and sheltering structures work together to form a unique wooden pavilion that stimulates the vitality of the site. A Unified Design Strategy for Architecture and Landscape. The pavilion takes the form of a single pitched roof that lifts from the city towards the landscape.

The pavilion opens up towards the landscape with transparent glass walls and blends into nature through a deep sheltered space below the roof. Towards the city, the structure is pushed down to join with the artificial landscape, reducing its visual presence.

Quick Construction Using Pre-Fab System. The main structural frame follows a 3 meters modulus system. A relatively small scale makes the components more intimate to human eyes and creates a perceivable rhythm.

Pavilion in the Woods
exposed roof structure. Image © ZY Architectural Photography
Pavilion in the Woods
space under eave. Image © ZY Architectural Photography

The main structure is made of 100*60mm HR square tubes; longitudinal members have double-layered 140*60mm glulam; cross beams are 40*120mm glulam with 200mm spacings. 

The roof uses standing seam metal plates. The spacial supporting structure for the roof is stabilized by stainless steel cables which are post-tensioned.

All wooden and metal components are standardized, prefabricated, and assembled on-site, ensuring a high level of completion within a tight schedule. The Exposed Structure as Decoration. With steel pillars, double-layered beams, wooden purlins, and steel cables working both visually and structurally, the pavilion candidly exposes its force flow and tectonics as decoration.

Pavilion in the Woods
riverside view. Image © ZY Architectural Photography
Pavilion in the Woods
cabin in the forest. Image © ZY Architectural Photography

As a contemporary public facility embedded in the landscape, Pavilion In The Woods does not only house public functions, encourages encounters of citizens, bringing warmth to daily life.

Pavilion in the Woods
Pavilion in the Woods
exploded diagram

Pavilion in the Woods
Pavilion in the Woods
perspective section

Pavilion in the Woods
Pavilion in the Woods

Pavilion in the Woods

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